The Boris bikes ride in Hyde Park did not happen much to dd12’s annoyance…she reckoned she could do it with broken arm and all but no way…instead she did pedalling of another sort…and didn’t we all have fun!!
Funny how when you are about to board they give you clear instructions about not touching the wild life blah blah blah…well I felt like reporting the wild life myself…they followed us round, getting so close that I feared for my life…well that’s a bit exaggerated but they did get pretty close to pecking us…

We really are enjoying this weekend walks in parks…they moan about the amount of walking but they’ve already asked about which park we are going next weekend so it can’t be that bad…

hyde park

Any recommendations? What London parks do you like for a nice walk with great scenery and plenty of wildlife?

Salaams y a hasta la vista,


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