And then…

there were two…just the two of us again…yes silly school is back on and a new routine is forced upon us. And before anyone suggests it…my kids do not want to homeschool…even the little has started to say she wants to go to school as the sisters get out of the car to go to school…


In the flowery bag , Ddalmost 15!!! the creative, my techno mate….

In the blue bag, dd12 soon to be officially a teenager, my kitchen partner….how I miss her expertise in the kitchen….she is not on kitchen duty as she broke an arm on holidays…her sisters are trying but not the same….

So year, three bags, three daughters, three very different daughters and one great team…

Dd2 in the white nappy, trying her best not to miss her sisters…yesterday was one big long day waiting for her sisters to come back home plus she was very very tired after waking up at 7 to be dragged to the car for the 30 minutes ride there and back…


New routines forced upon us, new rhythms emerging…siesta is back on …quiet time for baby and mum…the chores roster is going up…coffee mornings to arrange…crochet back from next Friday….


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