The first day…

of the last year…


My first baby has started year 13 today (and I’m dead, school runs suck)…this will be her last year as a 6th former and next insh’Allah she’ll be going to uni…

It’s going to be a hard year but I know she is ready…and she makes it all so easy for me, bless…she knows I’m hopeless when it comes to paperwork, applications, deadlines, oh she knows me so well all I have to do is sign on the dotted line after she has filled in all the other details…and that is what makes us a great mother-daughter team…I take care of all the emotional bits and she is the more cerebral one…mash’Allah I couldn’t wish for a better daughter…so yeah bring on the new year full of uni applications, personal statements, uni entry exams….we are READY…insh’Allah

Tomorrow the other two also go back to school…years 10 and 8…we will have a flavour of GCSE’s…and year 8 is not so much fun anymore as her big sisters keep telling her…homework take a bigger role in school life….oh boy…are we really READY???….

So, how about you guys…are you ready? how is this September different? what about homeschoolers? do you start this week too?

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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