Iftar a la Espaniola…

just the two of us…my dear friend from Cantabria and me…her little baby in the background to begin with ….asleep ….us chatting peacefully….at the table with us when time to break fast came…how do they know?…have you ever eaten king prawns with one hand while holding a baby with the other?…


I know there’s a stereotype out there about Spanish people eating lots of fish …there could be some truth in it…

the quality of the pics is rubbish...I was holding baby...but the quality of the food was first class...
the quality of the pics is rubbish…I was holding baby…but the quality of the food was first class…


For afters we had Spanish cherries and British strawberries…Only the best…It was a nice change from the noisy iftars I’m used to…simple yet excellent…thank you my dear friend for inviting me …may Allah reward you for feeding me and going all out on my account…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



9 thoughts on “Iftar a la Espaniola…”

    1. hoy sopita…..pero de verduras…maniana cuando me quite todas las sobras de encima voy a intentar hacer el salmorejo….

  1. Oh my. I grew up in the middle of the United States, no seafood anywhere. I have to say, I am quite sure I would faint if I ever saw one of those on my plate!!!

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