And when life gives you even more…

courgettes….you make courgette soup..of course…



The missing ingredients on the top picture are olive oil and 4 triangles of The laughing cow cheese.

Oh and before you say anything..yes I have shared my produce with friends and neighbours…still plenty of courgettes for us…alhamdulilah…

Any other suggestions? What else can I make with courgettes?

Salaams y hasta la vista,



11 thoughts on “And when life gives you even more…”

  1. We LOVE zucchini!!! Or Courgettes or Kraa – whatever you call them, we love them!
    Have you tried zucchini bread????

  2. I have an awesone recipe for chocolate courgette cake… my kids devour it!! If you prod me a couple of times as a reminder I’ll pass it on to you….

    Happy iftar ducky


    1. Rellenos al horno, con gambas y bechamel, por ejemplo, o carne picada, y siempre queso por encima para gratinar

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