for baba to come back from taraweeh…

outdoors…a few yasmine smelling candles…milkshakes, kalbaluz, mint tea…past midnight … still very warm and very pleasant outside…


Are you staying up till fajr? We did the weekend but not the same when girls have to go to school…bring on Friday and school holidays…

Salaams y hasta la vista,





4 thoughts on “Waiting…”

  1. Awww that looks and sounds beautiful mashallah 🙂 Does your littlest one stay up late during Ramadan? If so how have you managed that? I’m really suffering with the long days, breastfeeding all night and then getting up at 7.30 – any tips appreciated inshallah 🙂

    1. the little one stays up till 10:30 and then up again at 6:30…she has a loooong siesta, 3 hours at least and I join her ;)….I’m not complaining…ramadan is tiring but perfect…mash’Allah

  2. I’d planned to stay awake but I’m afraid I haven’t been able to do so even once! I’m too tired by midnight!

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