When life gives you courgettes…


of course you make dolmas….even if you haven’t got a clue how to…

dd17 suggested we make dolmas like grandma used to…but we don’t have a recipe?…who cares…let’s play it by ear…just for once let’s do it our way…a bit of cinnamon…cinnamon? are you sure?!!!…yeah go on trust me…shall we check on line? ….nah, no need…carry on…a bit of cumin, plenty of paprika, coriander …any other spices you can think of? no, that should be enough….mix it all together with some salt and pepper…what about the sauce?…well , sort of a red sauce I guess…plenty of garlic and onions and you know…whatever else takes your fancy….and just like that, my dolmas are ready for tonight’s iftar…should I add some chick peas to the sauce?…..

Salaams y hasta la vista,



6 thoughts on “When life gives you courgettes…”

  1. Mashlaj 🙂 I love dolma! Defo add chick peas… well I like them in t but it doesn’t really matter does it 🙂 You’ve just inspired me what to make for tonight inshallah :)) I love experimenting, it’s how I’ve learned all my Algerian cooking and then got my MIL to tell me where I’m going wrong (which is usually in all areas lol)

    1. yeah cinnamon and they were delish…I did some potatoes too and meatballs on their own for the fuzzy ones…

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