After 22 years…

living in London….I get to eat my first fry-up…first English breakfast…well almost…no need for beans or hush brown…I don’t eat carbs , remember? 😉


At a dear friend’s house…with very strong tea and lots of laughter and moans…you know , we both have teenagers….life, with good friends is better, especially when going through a shaded patch…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



6 thoughts on “After 22 years…”

  1. I honestly feel that ‘we both have teenagers’ is not, as you seem to present it, an explanation for anything. Rather, it is a statement that would not carry any generalised connotations were it not for the way it is used, in the way you have. The current prejudice against teenagers is simply a product of such unwarranted complaints and perhaps more positive thinking would be beneficial. People, as you must remember teenagers to be, vary in degree of difficulty regardless of their life stage and a geeky teenager is sure to present less difficulty than an adult son or daughter with murderous tendencies. So, perhaps a better phrasing would be, “praise the Lord, we both have teenagers. We expected it to happen, of course. After all, little children all have to grow up and our current moans are really just our inability to let go of the bedtime stories and blind faith of years gone by.”

    1. what can I say….I love my teenage daughters and wouldn’t change them for anything in the whole wide world…love you xxxx

  2. full fat cheese which is very low in carbs …and full fat greek yogurt too…anyways I’m not fond of dairy, never drink milk…hate the stuff…

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