70.6 Kg and weekending…

Another good weight loss…500g…not bad…so yeah spot on with my average of 400g a week…

The weekend was all about this…


Dh has been extremely busy putting down new laminate flooring in the one of the girls’ room..a whole 2 days working almost non-stop but he wouldn’t have it any other way…he is such a perfectionist… he had professionals come in for a quote but it was never the money that stop him from hiring them but his lack of trust in their craftsmanship…anyways is gonna take us a few weekends but I know that is going to be all worth it in the end and baby does not mind…


Also this weekend…a lot of in and out…at times the sun was too hot so we would come in and then out again for a healthy dose of vitamin D and chillaxing…


and a cup of tea or two…


And then this morning ..just like that…and because the weekend was a bit hectic with dh working so hard upstairs and being covered in dust and ….anyways a good friend has come round for breakfast…straight after morning school run…I love when my friends just do things like that…and another one is coming sometime later after the next school run…oh boy is not easy being a yummy mummy….

it's all about the sun round here...make the most of it...follow the seasons....
it’s all about the sun round here…make the most of it…follow the seasons….


How was your weekend? I can’t wait till the next one…apparently another sunny one is on its way …;)


Salaams y hasta la vista,



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