The new man in my life…

without ditching the regular…the real guy’s staying…he is good and reliable…always there when I need him…what else would I want?…


The new man is none other that Mark Sisson…the man behind Primal Living in the modern world…he makes a lot of sense and explains the whole anti-carb theory coherently and introduces you to a healthy lifestyle…anyways read it if you are looking for a healthier, fitter and happier body…

With his help I have given up Cola addiction…switched to black tea…exercised less but gotten better results…lost kilos…gained leaner muscles…learnt about the benefits of the sun and even put myself on some vitamins…

The argument pro-vitamins has never convinced me. I always thought it was pure marketing but after reading what Mark Sisson and other research had to say I have decided to go for Omega 3 and Probiotic tablets.

I’m still reading his book and gaining lots from it…the website is pretty cool too and you can subscribe and get daily emails covering all aspects of your health and health related articles.

I also have to share this with you….a TEDMED talk by a remarkable doctor…he talks about the obesity crisis and more…I urge you to watch it…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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