Another weight loss and….



…another 400g down…and according to my kindle app 400g is my weekly average and I’m happy with that…getting healthy is not a sprint but a marathon…a lifestyle change is what I’m regarding it like…so slowly but surely does me fine…


pirate party

A pirate party for the children….lots to celebrate and a farewell to Mimi and baby T, two sweet little kids going back home to Ireland…Sister M’s big achievement, her first proper 5 km obstacle race…she came in the first 20 out of almost 200…we are all so proud of her…not only has she lost over 45 kg in the last two years but she is also sharing what she has learnt and achieved with others…Boy M’s achievement…he won a prize for qu’ran recitation at his school and he delighted us with a very looooong surah….MASH’ALLAH

We ate sinking boats and pirate cakes, we played charades and run around, we drank and laughed…a great weekend all round…

Alhamdulilah for good friends….

Salaam y hasta la vista,



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