I’m not creative…

but every now and again I get inspired and allow myself to have a go which isn’t a small thing considering my art background.

I was educated by nuns and priests…a convent school in a rural area…The nuns had a very negative approach to art. It was almost a waste of time unless it was practical or meant to decorate a church…so you were either a Michael Angelo or a dressmaker, nothing in between.

Whenever we did art it was very very and I mean very prescribed. Thinking out of the box was considered being revelious or you thought to highly of yourself and you were as good as ready for confession for a capital sin…not joking…

Anyways, getting to the point of this post, I am not the most creative person but I do like to copy ..in other words I am not the pattern maker but the buyer, I am not the type to make anything without close instructions but rather needs step by step precise sequenced ….and I’m at a point in my life where I don’t care anymore about not being creative…instead I’m having fun experimenting with various forms of art and loving it…

I hope you are not now expecting some out of this world paintings or anything of that sort…nah. not me ..not in a million years…we are talking washi tape here…and one day I got inspired by someone much more artistic than me and this is what I created..


oh the possibliities...
oh the possibliities…

my humble stash...

Have you used washi tape in any of your creations? Wanna share? And because I know you are want to copy me I need to tell you that the green rolls are from Ikea…good price and in many colour schems..the others are from hobby craft, more expensive but better quality in my opinion…  Salaams y hasta la vista,Ines


6 thoughts on “I’m not creative…”

    1. simplest way to jazz up a gift is adding some washi tape on the wrapper…my dd14 even used it on the amazon boxed present lol….

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