Wa tiini wa zaitun…


See that beauty on the left? The cuty olive tree? I’ve got amazing friends and one of them got me the olive tree as a gift…Did I mention that last week it was my 42nd bday? No? Well, not big a deal anymore…not that I mind getting old but the whole celebrating bdays isn’t our thing…but anyways this lovely sister whom I’ve known since before times began,let’s say for a long time knows how much I love plants and she came round yesterday with my latest addition to the garden. It is going to be placed right next to the fig tree. What do you think?

I really have to stop getting any more plants…There’s simply not enough room in our tiny garden anymore. Even the front little garden is full to the bream.

And talking about olives and figs and other edible plants…I want to share with you home educator buddies a little or even big project (depending how deep or far you want to take it)with you guys. I have done it myself a couple of times with Yr 3 classes. The topic is simply called ‘Food in the Qur’an’. You can do soooo much …the following are just suggestions

  • naming the foods in English and Arabic or any other language you may be learning at home
  • medicinal properties
  • where in the world do we find them
  • painting them, drawing, sticking glueing
  • cooking
  • blindfold tasting
  • learn the ayahs they are mentioned in

I think it’s a lovely holiday/Ramadan activity. I’m going to be doing it with dd2 but concentrating on the arty aspect of it.

Salaams y hasta la vista,




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