May Budgeting Review…


two words…budgeting sucks…and I don’t see the point of doing it …I can see why some peeps need it and how it helps them but in our case I fail to see the point…

Anyways , after a long conversation with dh it was decided that we would do it again for the month of June. The man is deluded. Let me tell you…Remember I had X-amount of money for grocery shopping? Well , we underbudgetted by £100…in other words on day 20 of the month I had run out of cash and had to use plastic (debit never credit).

So, this month I have £100 more in the purse and have to keep receipts and try filing into different categories…food, clothes, books………I can’t believe this was my idea in the first place!!!! Mad I know and so unlike me…my fault for being so impressionable and wanting to be like the peeps I admire…the intention was good…I’ll stick to it and wait 3 months at least to see if I become a budget savvy..yeah right….

Guess what dd17 sitting right next to me and reading this says…”I always knew budgeting was silly…”

Salaams y hasta la vista,



4 thoughts on “May Budgeting Review…”

  1. Well at least you know what you are spending, it’s all a learning experience! And if you did need to cut back you know which areas you can do so! I think budgeting will only ever work for people who have to. Because of you know there are fall back funds, that’s always in your mind and you will fall back on them!

    1. yes …you are right..but at the same time I can honestly say that I tried my best not to overspend…things like menu planning and sticking to it, cooking from scratch and so on … i think we simply had no idea of what went out each month for food…yes a learning curve indeed…

  2. Lol!! We have a food shopping budget every month and it works wonders for us. We withdraw the cash at te beginning of the month and we aim to have enough for a “free” take away at the end of the month. Bear with it – I was so against it at first but it’s saved us loads alhamdulillah. Also stops me using MY money to buy food so more for Yummy Mummy stuff 😉

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