Half Term…

so far…the good bits only…and in no particular order…

PicMonkey Collage

dd12 is doing her usual holiday gig of baking non stop…

plenty of gardening of course…the last two days were simply lovely but winter was back this morning…dh bought me a fig tree…he is so romantic like that…’cheaper than a bunch of roses’…his words…

some thrifting…I’m really happy with the blue with white flowers skirt…I wouldn’t normally pay £8 for a second-hand skirt but this was the right size, length…quite a expensive one …anyways it’s mine and I love it….

more thrifting today…this time baby was the lucky one…I love the peasant dress and the shorts are cute too…and this girl can never have enough books…

fried eggs and mushrooms for a carbs free breakfast…not bad…

dd12 is trying to teach dd2 to use watercolours but she is not an easy pupil…she insists on using water only…so stubborn she is ….

How is your half term so far?

Salaams y hasta la vista,


2 thoughts on “Half Term…”

  1. My half terms been going great! One of the best ones so far, I think it might be due to be getting Netflix and going shopping in Wembley! LOL! Gonna be sad for it to end though 😦


    1. dear daughter…like I always tell you …I provide you with food and clothing but entertainment has to come from you …unless you wanna do my kind of fun… 🙂

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