I should be planting the tomatoes outside as they are almost flowering in my kitchen windowsill but I’m going out with a friend and her grandkids.We are doing the whole ‘yummy mummy’ gig…feeding duck and a spot of lunch…pic should follow…

I have a teenager in bed because she is fasting to make up last year’s and school is too hard on an empty stomach…I’m laid back like that….

I have another teenager in bed because she is on study leave and no exam today and she is too laid back to study for tomorrow’s chemistry exam…I know she knows what she is doing..and anyways I’m laid back like that…

I’m going to try fit in 15 minutes of abdominal exercises…I got this cool app on my tablet that takes you through a routine which tackles the mummy flaba…It might not happen but I’m laid back like that…

Today is vegetarian day for the family meal…tortilla de patatas y salsa y salad….not for me…I am carbs free…

Today I’m wishing you all a good day…try a laid back one…they help with stress levels and all the rest we put ourselves through…

What kind of day are you planning to have?….And Allah is the best of planners.

Salaams y hasta la vista,



3 thoughts on “Today….”

  1. Mashallah I want to be as laid back a mummy as you!!! :)) Like the sound of this abs app – I’m losing weight but my tummy is very far from yummy… unless jelly is your thing!
    Inshallah you have a lovely relaxed yummy mummy day x

  2. Love this, haha. I’m generally always laid back. It definitely is good & helps with the stress levels.
    I had a pyjama day, today & didn’t do anything apart from mopping, helping with the dinner & washing up. So all’s good:)

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