Jump on the scales Monday…


900 g in the right direction…

Planning to do 3 exercise sessions this week and eat and drink healthy insh’Allah.

Have a healthy week,



3 thoughts on “Jump on the scales Monday…”

  1. You are an inspiration. I’m starving had a cheese omelette for dinner we have no vegetables 😦 don’t know what I’ll have for breakfast :/

  2. my breakfasts are usually eggs with sliced chicken, you know the kashir type but low carbs….today lunch salmon and salad and dinner chicken with olives…just an example ;)….are you seeing results sis?

  3. I’m only on day three. I have no scales. I did vital area measurements when I started on Monday. But I feel good. Less bloated masha’allah. I just ate tinned sardines in tomatoe with a scrambled egg. For brekkie. I have no food in the fridge. It’s making the veggie part difficult! Sending my boys shopping when they get in from the tutor insha’allah. Otherwise lunch will be another cheese omelette!!!

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