PicMonkey Collage

My weekend started with a lovely lunch with two very dear friends. A simple meal, lots of catching up, plenty of laughter and lots of interruptions from the little ones… . Sister M brought me a lovely bunch of flowers. She knows I love flowers but hate paying for them. Sister N, who I was hosting the little gathering for, brought me lots of goodies from Malaysia from a very recent trip. Amongst her gifts two I particularly love… the tablecloth which is actually a sarong which I have transformed into an ethnic cool tablecloth. I think I might have started something here…and a real silver dirham…in her own words ‘proper sunnah halal money’. She was telling us how she made her first halal purchase in Malaysia with silver coins and how the brother looked at her as if she had two heads….

After all that Malaysia talking I decided to cook one of my children’s favourite dish, ikan bilis….and today as the weather wasn’t too bad we’ve headed for Queen’s Park to see the animals and some fun in the sand.

And how was your weekend? What was the highlight? Do you have a busy week ahead? I do but after a relaxed weekend I feel I can face whatever comes my way, insh’Allah.

Salaams y Hasta la vista,



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