WIP no more…

remember my granny squares …the ones I finish ages ago….well….tah dah!!


dd12 is very happy with it but she is now saying that it does not match her sister’s one and since they share the room they should have similar blankets…I don’t mind …I think this one can live happily on the living room sofa….

But first I have two other WIPs to see to…a round cushion for the garden and ddalmost2 needs a vintage blanket to match her sister’s one…

Do you like me have many WIPs going on at the same time or are you more of a finish one first then start another project?

Salaams y hasta la vista,




6 thoughts on “WIP no more…”

  1. I have far too many WIPs going on at the moment. apart from two cross stitching projects (one of which has been well over at least five years!) Im part way through a winter hat for baby boy and his memory box.

    1. it’s dead easy I promise you…check out the link I put on fb…the guy is really good with beginners…he doesn’t shout …lol

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