Monday weighing…



Not bad…actually quite pleased with the new loss…the two sessions of exercise must have helped…

I have been thinking long and hard about paying for exercise and I have come to the conclusion that it’s a bit of a waste of money as I can do it myself at home for free. I know what you are thinking…motivation, competitiveness and all the rest that comes with doing it with a group but to be honest I think I might be able to do it alone. At least I’m going to try and I can always reconsider and go back. We, dd17, dd14 and dd12 will still go to the Friday night session as they love it so much and it gives me some fun time with my daughters but the other two sessions will be up to me. I will be reporting back next week.

And now to bribe ddalmost2 off the step 🙂


Salaams y hasta la vista,



5 thoughts on “Monday weighing…”

  1. well done to you! which veggies are good for low carb diet? and do you eat fruit? i want to shift a few kilo’s too :/

  2. yeah portions are pretty unlimited, no weighing no counting…limit eggs to two a day and I would eat the choccy as a treat on ‘jump on the scales’ day…if you do well …;)

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