Currently…in bullet points…

and a picture or two….

  • Dd17 is at home on study leave…Alevels exams in the next couple of weeks and she does not look stressed or worried so I take that as a sign of being ready…
  • I’m a failure…on the sewing department and many other areas of my life but I’m only talking about the sewing arena for now…the thing is that I’m having lots of fun, learning tons but not producing anything worth wearing or even photographing to share with you guys….
  • I have plans….of hiring the help of an old friend to help me with the above mentioned problem…working on the logistics …I’m hoping to go to her house once a week to work on whatever is giving me grief whenever I’m sitting at the sewing machine…I reckon with her help (did I mention she sews for a living) I’ll be able to ditch patterns and do it her way my way…
  • The garden is doing very well…beans went a bit floppy when I first took them out but they seem to be adjusting and looking good again…camelias and magnolia plants were given a bigger home …tomatoes going out in a couple of days a week max…
  • Ddalmost2 is ready for potty training and ditching the bottle but I’m not…I feel terrible but not ready for the hard work…I reckon the bottle is going to be harder…any tips? Do I just go cold turkey?!!! I swear I can’t remember any of the other girls being so bottle dependent….
  • Crochet club is going really well…lots of green issues talk, coffee drinking, sweet treats and a stitch or two here and there…I’m working on my first round cushion for the patio bench….
  • I’m trying out an exercise class today…is local, has a creche…if I like it then I would be able to exercise three times a week…
  • Budgeting…well too early to say how I’m doing but I can tell you now that not using plastic really gives you a clear picture of how much money goes out and by the end of the 3 months trial period I should know how much our food average a month is…
  • Cleaning , tidying up kept to a minimum …dh has at last hired someone to put down wood on all floors and as you can imagine I’ll have plenty to clean when the carpets are pulled out, furniture moved about…oh just thinking about it sends me into a coughing fit….
  • The free carbs diet, so far so good…
  • I know what you are thinking…B O R I N G…but it’s ok …I love my boring life..I wouldn’t change it for nothing…boring can be  good too…life is good right now , simple and slow suits me right now…A L H A M D U L I L L A H…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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