2 down…

10 to go…


not bad…2 kg in a week is pretty good but not considering is the first week …what I mean is that no matter what diet you follow in the first week you lose more than you normally would on average…and ‘no carbs’ dieting is no exception…but is a good kick-start and I’m happy…

So I shall continue with eating red meat, chicken , fish, veg, eggs and cheese. I will say no to bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit, cakes, cereals…..you get the idea, don’t you…

I also managed to go to the gym Friday night….The workout/aerobics sessions are a killer and the following two days my whole body is in PAIN….but I’m on the hunt for another session midweek and is not that easy when you are looking for something local, cheap, no parking charge, with creche….oh and women only…rumour has it that there is a group of algerian women who do exercise classes twice a week in nearby Wembley so I’m following that track….

What next? Increase my water intake…right now is not good…better than it used to be as I have almost given up on diet cola drinks…believe it or not there are times when I drink no water at all for 2 to 3 days…shocking I know….no wonder I have toilet issues 😦

Well more water, less carbs, more exercise should bring me good results on ‘jump on the scales’ day next week….

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S this post should go on the other page but I can’t figure out how to ….anyone knows how to save on a different page?


3 thoughts on “2 down…”

  1. I’m on a low fat diet…have no idea how much I have lost, or even if i have lost any….we have to go to a friends house to see because we have no scales at home lol.

    I too need to drink more water and have been know to go for a whole week not drinking anything but tea…..not good…not good at all!

  2. I sometimes thinks is best not to have scales at home…I can get a bit too obsessed and jump on and off the scales too often…I know drinking water is harder than I thought…I now feel up a jug and almost force myself to drink it throughout the day…

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