Waiting for…

the sun to come out to take some of my fast growing seeddlings out…baby and I have a busy planting day ahead of us and she can’t wait…”Is the sun out yet mummy? Can I put my boots on yet mummy? Open the garden door mummy”….


There’s plenty more scattered around the house, all windowsills are residence to one plant or other…so if we get the beans done today I will be one very happy woman. Courgettes should follow tomorrow but with two orthodontist appointments some tough scheduling is going to be needed… oh the joys of motherhood…and who is complaining …not me…seriously life is good right now…alhamdulilah

Today I’m venturing into the world of budgeting…I am pretty sure I have shared with you before that I have no clue how much money I spend a month on food or anything else for that matter…and to be honest there has never been a need for budgeting in our household…don’t take me wrong we are not rich by any stretch of the imagination…and who is complaining….not me…alhamdulilah dh has a job that pays quite well and most importantly he enjoys it very much…what I’m saying is that we never went over our incomes…(now down to one since I gave up my job to stay at home and be a yummy mummy 😉 ) …never been in debt alhamdulilah or never lived beyond our means…anyways to cut a very long story short…..I feel strongly the need to be wise about money….and right now I am not…trust me…so my target for the next three to four months is to find out how much our grocery bill is and the best way I can come up with is giving up the debit card aka use cash only…those who know me know that I never carry cash with me…never…I pay with plastic for everything and I mean  e v e r y t h i n g…….I know I know big mistake…

So today, first of May, I am drawing an x amount of money and that is that…that amount has to last me the whole month…deciding on the amount was not easy as I don’t know how much we spend on average lol…but I have consulted friends with same family size and lifestyle as ours and we have come up with a budget that hopefully will be a right fit…not too generous not too tight but just right…

So in a few months time I’ll know what our family spends on food and then take it to the next level….who knows I might become a hippy happy frugal green creative in the kitchen goddess …

What about you my dear friends? Are you money savvy? Are you in charge of the household budget? Oh …I just thought about something…Do I need to keep receipts?

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S the sun is out!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Waiting for…”

  1. ok …but I hope you don’t mind me asking…what do you do when there’s no money left in the kitty? and what about when there is some left? and is dz still plastic cards free?

    1. When it’s gone it’s gone. Sometimes I get items on credit from hubby’s shop. If desperate! This month is gonna be hard. Cos we have the ‘party’ and are expecting 30ish adults plus kids for a couple of nights. Dh is covering the cost of 10 chickens but the rest has to stretch plus I paid half for the ‘cakes’

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