Spoilt for choice…

only a couple of weeks ago I was telling you guys here and on fb that I wanted to fall in love with my sewing machine and start creating little summer dresses for ddalmost2..in other words I was ready for a new challenge…but there was a problem…I didn’t know where to start…

I googled and googled and then some more but no luck… everything was too hard or too expensive (didn’t want to pay for a pdf pattern)…then my friend on fb sent me a link for a pillow case dress…which I followed and that I can tell you now was the ‘turning point’ …that’s exactly when I knew I could do the whole sewing business….it was pretty challenging but what a feeling…

And then I was stuck….what to do next?!!…I couldn’t just keep still so I turned to patterns but soooo much choice out there…again I followed expert’s advice and went for Butterick …they are meant to be easier to follow…I ordered two different ones that are meant to be for beginners…


but to be perfectly honest I’m pretty terrified just looking at the pattern…somehow I imagined them to be more straight forward…not this mess of lines…so many lines …just too confusing for me right now…I definately need something in betwee….too big a jump for me right now…

Just when I thought that I was condemned to a life of sewing only in straight lines I came across all this tutorials thanks to a sister’s recommendation to go and look in pinterest…..

I love them all and don’t know where to begin….this one looks pretty simple and not much of a pattern…I mean just draw over a t-shirt kind of project…And what about this little peasant dress? Anyone out there wanting to make pyjama bottoms?

 So much out there when you know where to look……

Salaams y hasta la vista,




4 thoughts on “Spoilt for choice…”

    1. I’m sure once the excitement dies down and you are able to open the box you will make some cute pj’s insh’Allah…I want evidence 😉

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