Siesta time…

baby’s siesta time and making the most of it…well most of the time…sometimes I just waste two whole hours doing nothing…is that a real waste? sometimes doing nothing is what’s best ….

Dd 2 still has nap in the middle of the day and I , of course, have no problem with it. She literally begs me for a bottle and bed. As soon as her bottle is ready she takes herself to bed and before you know it she is fast asleep.

Her siesta time coincidently is ‘me time’….two hours ,sometimes more, sometimes a little less, to do whatever I wish to do without interruptions…There are times when I also take a nap…times when I read or do some blogging…take a looooong bath…anyways you get the idea….

Today , was a very productive two hour session…I managed a ‘before and after’ little project….a sewing project!!! in less than two hours in fact…and of course I want to share with the whole world…I want to shout out from the rooftops…this mama can sew!!! can you believe it?!! ok, ok…nothing that exciting …well yes, very exciting…. considering that less that a week ago I could only sew in straight lines…


My sewing machine’s cover was a bit torn and not very pretty to look at in the first place so I found this little and easy tutorial for a sewing machine cozy online …what do you thing? I’m very pleased with the end result 🙂


And yes …I know what you are thinking…it’s all straight lines…but still I’ve come a looooooooooong me…my confidence levels are sky high…and wait till I tell you …as I write this a couple of butterick patters are on their way to me…but more on that soon…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



4 thoughts on “Siesta time…”

  1. mashallah the sewing looks great….I love looking at peoples crafting projects.
    I always say I will try and learn to sew but I never do…I have to say I’m a bit scared of the sewing machine!


  2. Mashallah!!! you’re a better woman than I am.. I was supposed to make a hijab three weeks ago and only just got the sewing machine out.. I have yet to submit and plug the thing in… looking forward to your next make already inshallah xxx

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