Quite a busy packed weekend for me and the other members of the family who were not in bed…, baby and dh.

Dd 12 decided that it was going to be bread weekend. What a shame because her chocolate and fudge muffins were simply marvellous….That girl is becoming very confident…all those hours watching cooking programmes are starting to pay off…the focaccia bread was exceptional….oh and the black olives loaf a real treat for breakfast…..how I’m going to miss her when she goes back to school tomorrow…

Dd 2 has spent hours drawing on the big papers papa brought her from work. Her latest book discovery is ‘Handa’s surprise’. I must have read her the book at least 25 times and still each time she acts surprised …she is such an actress…

This morning fed up waiting for the teenagers to get out of bed and see where they wanted to be driven what they wanted to do…. we decided that a walk in the park was the perfect ending to the weekend. The sun was out ,  pretty flowers everywhere…..it could be that Spring is here for good…oh let’s hope so….

And now let me tell you about THE DRESS!!!….I did it…I did it…yes all by myself…for a while now I have been wanting very badly to use my sewing machine in a more productive way…in a serious way, if you know what I mean…I turned to my friends on fb for advice and tips…one of them sent me a link to a website with quite an easy dress tutorial…and well even though I have my doubts I went for it…I know is not perfect…is far too big on baby because I used the measurements on the website to make it simpler…..a practise run so to speak…but I think is perfect…let me tell you that I’m very pleased with all I have achieved by making the dress…I now know what serging is and how to do it…I now know how to do the whole 1/4″ hem business and what a palava that was…I even know how to go round a sleeve line!!!  As I said…pretty pleased with myself…Next, contact my American friend on fb and ask her what she reckons should be my next steps…cause let me tell you something…this is only the beginning of my love affair with that sewing machine of mine…a long lasting love affair…we are not talking infatuation here…we are talking lots and lots of different dresses, shirts, little troussers…insh’Allah…

Sadly the last day of the weekend and holidays had to be spoilt by last minute dot com homework rush….we are Dd 12 is in the middle of writing an essay on a Michael Morpurgo book…dd14 is colouring away, trying her best to finish her art homework and who knows what dd17 is doing …will they ever learn?

Anyways , a lovely weekend overall? How was yours? Are you ready for the ‘back to school’ madness tomorrow? I’m not…:(  

Salaams y hasta la vista,



2 thoughts on “Weekending…”

  1. Masha’allah it looks great! and too big is ALWAYS better then too small where kids are concerned. Seems you all had a lovely familly weekend masha’allah. how is the book in the last picture?

  2. You mean the Michael Morpurgo one?…I’ve got to be honest..I’m not too keen on him but dd12 loved the book..she has read a few of Morpurgo’s books and always talks about them for a while which I guess is a good sign…

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