Book week and all the rest…

As I’ve already mentioned here I’m following an intense 52 weeks decluttering/organizing programme and I’m so into it that I happen to be months ahead. Partly because I get the biggest kick from the changes that are taking place at our place but mainly because I do not live in a massive house in America where, if one was to believe everything on telly,everybody has a pool, a garage,collects coupons 24/7, has a home office blah blah blah… So this week I’m on a mission to declutter and organize books.  I’m working my way down, from the girls’ rooms all the way down to the sitting room. The thing is we have books just about everywhere….Want some evidence? I knew you would…

dd17 has at long last decided to let go of books she outgrew a long time ago...
dd17 has at long last decided to let go of books she outgrew a long time ago…
from the top landing shelves...
from the top landing shelves…

Its going to take me a whole week to declutter, put them into boxes, carry them to the car and drive them all the way to a ‘free book shop’ in Barnet but all worth it. Nothing beats the feeling of getting rid of unnecessary stuff/clutter.

And for the rest…nothing much planned…carrying on with chillaxing and taking it easy…baby is quite poorly with a stomach bug so can’t venture out much….bless my dd12 who has so much patience with her when mine has run out …I try and I try but a sickly baby is so demanding and nothing seems to help….


then again I did not try baking….dd12 did which gave a full half hour of peace and quiet…thank you sweety….

The highlight of the day has to be…….hanging clothes on the line!!!!! The sun was out and and and….oh too much excitement….


you know what they say about happiness coming in many shapes and forms….well I had a moment of sheer happiness this afternoon …..sad I know…..

Have you had your happy moment  yet?

Salaams y hasta la vista,



6 thoughts on “Book week and all the rest…”

  1. Wow that baby ain’t much of a baby masha’Allah. how old is she now sis? Seems ages since i saw u. was just thinking today how Y wasn’t even a teenager when i spent that week at yours. and last time i saw you was at my henna… nearly 4 years ago masha’Allah

    1. what do you mean she is not a baby anymore…she is MA BABY…lol…almost 2…in June insh’Allah…4 years!!! subhanallah…time flies…

  2. I still haven’t gotten rid of my books that I’ve grown out of years ago… My dad did sell most of my books a couple of years ago. I still cry over those books. When I get married, I’ll probably take all my books that I’ve outgrown with me and put them in my room to collect dust. lol.
    Gonna check out the 52 week challenge thing. 🙂

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