A Spring In My Step….

is all I need….The thing is that in my head and even on paper I’m full of plans, tasks, personal challenges and whathaveyous that should take place in and out my place…simply because is that time of the year…SPRING!!!

rainy day in paris

The thing is …this body of mine just won’t get into Spring gear or any other gear for that matter…this body of mine is on holiday mode…girls at home mode…all I seem to be able to do right now is fun baking, silly movie watching,crafting and no much more…

I reckon that if I was to put down on writing the never ending list of things I want to achieve this April I might feel a slight push ….but then again who am I kidding? Girls don’t go back to school untill the 15th and that leaves me with only two weeks of April….then again I am a last minute dot com kind of girl…I think they call it performing better under pressure and against an imminent deadline…..

Well let me just try and see what happens…in no particular order my April list is as follows:

  • Start indoor sowing
  • Put together granny squares blanket
  • Host baby Ali’s aqiqa (This is the ONE..can’t wait for the little one to make an appearance Insh’Allah…not mine by the way…bff ‘s son)
  • Cook two new things…thinking of a quiche and a fruity pie…gotta give pastry a go…not my thing…
  • Contact my quilting buddies and see if they want to start crafting once a week again
  • Playgroup for dd2 once a week now that the weather MIGHT warm up
  • Carry on with 52 weeks to an organized house…..I’m already ahead working on the July tasks 🙂
  • Walk more…is greener, simpler…maybe to the library?
  • Make my own window and furniture cleaning stuff
  • Find the perfect lipstick…how does a hijaby achieve that!!! I always believe to have the right one but then when I try it at home without the hijab it just doesn’t do anything for me…

Plenty already…let’s see how much I achieve…I’ll be sure to add a tick as I go along…I reckon I’m on a lipstick mission this afternoon. I’m on driver duty, taking the girls to the cinema and I’ll have a couple of hours to kill with the little ones so shopping centre here we come…

What about you? Has Spring and the better weather got an effect on you? Do you go into spring cleaning mode as if by magic? Are you a list person? 

Salaams y hasta la vista,


P.S  What do you think of my Spring/Summer and many more years to come shoes?

my last pair lasted me 4 years...woth every penny...
my last pair lasted me 4 years…worth every penny…

6 thoughts on “A Spring In My Step….”

  1. well not too sure….right now teenagers and teeange wannabe are in bed…dd2 messing about in the toilet I know because I hear the water running ….and me….wasting my time online… 😦

  2. I love the shoes…they look cute…..I hope spring comes here soon, just as i think the weather is getting warmer…it get cold again!

    I am not a list person….I wish I was but I’m just not.
    loving your list though….hope you find your lip stick inshallah.


  3. I never used to be a list person but I guess I have just evolved…lol…the lipstick is going to prove the hardest one …you know , I wear all black when I’m out and I have to almost hide to try it on and then wipe off…at home without the scarf never seems to be the same…and I’m tired of the ‘nude’ ones that are meant to be for everyones…I was want the right RED!!!

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