Good Bye March…

and Hello holidays….

March has been quiet and uneventful….all about trying to find a rhythm …decluttering and stepping out of hibernation…getting  ready to welcome the Spring…Oh Spring how I long for you…

And just when I thought that the right rhythm was taking residence in this mad place of ours the holidays landed upon us…Oh  holidays how I love you… even now that I do not go out to work…I found myself counting the days until the girls were off school and were all mine…. Oh school how I despise you….

No major plans for the holidays …my kind of holidays…let me tell you…late breakfasts, late enough to give me time to bake their favourite treats…relaxed mornings, pj till well after  breakfast together ……some board games…longer dinner talks without homework rush to spoil it…baking or cooking with a girl or two…trying out new things in the kitchen with a girl or two…visiting friends and having friends round…staying up late with a girl or two or three…



What about you? What is your idea of the perfect holiday/break? Are you a traveller or more of a staycator like me?

Salaams y Hasta la vista,



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