I’m just going to…

write…because I can and want and need and because baby is asleep and why not!!
The thing is I worry too much about what to write and how to write it and if it’s good enough…is anyone going to read it and on and on and on…
Well from today …as from now…I’m going to write when I feel like it …whether I have a fancy pic to go with the post or not…whether I have anything interesting or not….
Many a times I have thought about what is the real point of blogging and I have even asked the said question here and nobody seems to have an answer…kind of everyone does it for a different reason …and I guess they are all legit and valid in their own way…

So anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say here is that my blog has no direction right now and I don’t think it has ever had one to be perfectly honest…I am now as I write , thinking that maybe is a reflection of my life right now…No direction….mmmm….that sounds a bit harsh…maybe it has direction but not rhythm…or maybe I’m just being too impatient…who needs a rhythm if it’s not natural…I am starting to panick at the mention of rhythm…When I look back at the last 3 weeks, the only thing I know for sure is, that when it comes to routine or rhythm or whatever you want to call it ,that not two days are the same in our house….and I’m learning to be  ok with that.

Overall I m happy and that should be good enough reason to carry on doing what I’m doing…which is ‘going with the flow’

Take for example this week…I had not planned to be welcoming people every day into our house and I loved every single minute of it… The old controlling Ines would have panicked and even ran round in circles like a headless chicken at the prospect of friends ‘inviting themselves’ to come round for a cuppa and a chat…

But I did it and I did it well even if I say so myself and I did it simply and that my dear readers is what satisfies me the most. I kept things simple and loving. More about simple hosting on another post.

Today , feels slow and quiet and that is good too…baby and I have already had a long session of story time and some tidying up and who knows what the rest of the day will bring but for the time being I’m enjoying writing and listening to Sarah’s snoring less than two meters away from me.

Plus….I’ve started another vintage strippy blanket …not sure for whom but it was the best way to use up all the different coloured left overs I have…

Plus …. Dh is going away for a week and I know Im going to miss him more that I want to admit here and I wish he didn’t have to go because I’m going to miss him too much….

Plus ….I’m carbs free….Have you guys heard of the carbs turn into insulin which in turn turns into fat theory?…no?!! wanna find out what on earth I’m about…read the Gary Taubes book or google him and there’s lots out there…So yeah the pounds are coming off effortless and I feel quite liberated…

Plus…I’m seriously considering home educating/schooling/unschooling/coop-educating Sarah…Not sure which route to go yet but starting to feel it…but still plenty of time …

Plus…on the living simply/frugally/on one wage and not on two any more front… I have now almost given up on routinely going to second-hand shops. What’s the point? Take for example the ‘buying cheap books for baby case’…Given the choice she much rather go to the local library and meet other children and sing along with the nice lady who does story time and borrow lots of books at the end of it all.

Salaams y hasta la vista,



3 thoughts on “I’m just going to…”

  1. You too are my kind of mum! Even if just for the low carbing 😉 It’s the only way I lose weight. Story time sounds like loads of fun!

  2. sometimes I too wonder what the point is in blogging….but then I realise that for me it’s the only real way I get to talk to people….I still haven’t found out where I want my blog to go but I think that’s all part of the charm of blogging.

    I love your blog, I have read every single blog post mashallah…it’s honest and homely!

    I miss going to the library…we used to go every week…it was sort of our family day out type thing!


    1. sometimes we feel the need to pigeon hole everything…why not just let it happen…the blog should evolve as we do…like mine is going to be more mumsy now but can’t help it… 🙂
      in a few years time it will be nice to look back and read old posts and see old pics…so if nothing else a blog is a kind of archive…

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