On New Year Resolutions….

I know I know…it’s already March…but you know, in the past,by this time of the year , without fail,I had already given up and completely forgotten what the resolution was in the first place …so you never get to read about it…
But this year is a first!!! I’m still going strong…and you may ask what the resolution was…and I will tell you in due course…have some patience for crying out loud…

Actually I will tell you now as my poor literary skills do not allow for the creation of suspense in the written form…so without further ado this year resolution was and still is to….GO MINIMALIST…live simpler…declutter…organize…appreciate what I’ve got and be happy…learn that less is more….move away from consumerism…

The list is endless but they are all connected…it goes as deep as one wants and I will not bore you with ‘where I ‘m going and how to get there’ here and now…instead I will do it in installments  🙂 …I can foresee many posts dedicated to my new-found direction in life…Living a simpler life!!!

I have. for a while now ,been inspired by bloggers who have chosen to live a simple , minimalistic life and they continue to be just that, real role models who share their everyday experiences…and in no particular order…

The minimalists , Cat’s Meow , Simple Mom , Not buying anything,

And now my dear readers I must continue with my daily 15 minutes exercise of decluttering/organizing…I am taking part in this challenge and all I can say is that it is the greatest organizing tool I have ever come across…I started back in January and still doing it…like I said, this year’s resolution is here to stay!!!!



So for now….

Salaams y hasta la vista


P.S if you want to declutter and organize your home I urge you to take the challenge too….


One thought on “On New Year Resolutions….”

  1. mashallah sounds like a plan….although to me that would mean cleaning…and I really don’t like doing that….plus i think it’s nice to have things all over the place…makes a house look lived in 🙂

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