Just you and me….



Your dad went to work early this morning. We drove your sisters to their different bus stops and off they went in different directions…and now…is just you and me baby…and guess what ?! it’s gonna  be like that for a loooooooooong time…just you and me baby….

Mama knows that is not always going to be easy..the whole just you and me  business…I keep saying it and writing it so I guess used to it…it’s so new for me , you see…just you and me baby…

Mama knows that sometimes you are going to drive me up the walls and I’m going to start thinking that perhaps the whole you and me thing is not working. But I promise to give it my best shot.

And while is just you and me we have to try our best to get along. You and me have to work out a routine that suits us both best. Like housework has to be done, you need mama time, meals have to be prepared, I need ‘mama time’ too and we need plenty of fun outings too, oh and soon is time to get the garden ready for planting…and and don’t forget you and me both need friends around…

I guess that you and me we will have to play it by ear during the first few days and see if any sort of rhythm just happens.

You and me baby are gonna be alright….and when the going gets tough I might say things I don’t mean and I might even start looking cross and ugly but I know that you and me  will be ok…because I have lots of plan B’s for when nothing works.

And now baby, you and me  have to get on with the housework. No more doing it all at night when we are all tired and your big sisters and wanting my attention and help with homework…No more cramming a million and one things in the evening after coming home from a long day at work….

So let’s start by emptying out the washing machine. You can help me pull out the clothes and carry them to the drying machine. And after that we could have a mini break and read one of your favourite books…..



Salaams y hasta la vista,




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