It’s the final countdown……


Only 4 more days and I will be a stay at home mum…I’m going to live the dream…Yes, you heard me right…I have  for quite a while now wanted to quit my job and become a yummy mummy stay at home mum. And the time has come….

I know is not going to be easy but trust me, it will not be as hard as leaving the house just after seven every morning,rain or shine, dragging my poor little one out of the door and handing her over to ‘aunty’. The poor little thing has already had 3 aunties …all lovely …I could never thank them enough for treating her so well but the problem is not them …it’s me and the guilt I have been carrying inside me for quite a while now.
I know is not going to be all plain sailing but trust me, it will not be as hard as coming home dead tired and not having the luxury of collapsing on the sofa…
I know is not going to be easy but I know is best for my family and myself right now…

In other words, I know there are going to be many days in which I’m going to question my own sanity and wish I never gave up my ‘other life’ but when those days do come I will just have to breath deeply and remind myself why I’m doing it. I will have to ask Allah to give me the strength to keep going… I will have to renew my intention constantly…I will have to call the lovely sisters around me and ask for help….for ‘cuppas’ ..for chats and some adult company…

OMG…I’m crying…I’m so scared…How can I be so sure of my decision yet so scared at the same time? What if I’m not cut out to be a stay at home mum?….

Salaams y hasta la vista,


2 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown……”

  1. Congratulations on this new adventure, darlinga sista! I don’t know anything about motherhood and of course I cannot feel what you feel but I think that you are very lucky to have the opportunity to try this out. Relax yourself and enjoy yourself being a yummy mummy stay at home mum! yes!!! All that!!! If some day you feel you cannot longer continue being what you’re becoming right now, then you can always take it easy and come back to be the unforgettable teacher you are. Kahir, incha’Allah!

  2. iam happy for you and i hope that the decision you made is best for you and your family.iam sure you will make an excellent yummy mummy!enjoy every bit of it and do let us how it goes!

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