on crochet , blankets and WIP…

Remember me telling you how much I love crochet and how it was the new love of my life? Well still is and I’m here to show you all my creations so far…

As soon as I started learning how to crochet I had the urge to make a blanket for each one of my daughters. I wanted then to have something that ‘mum’ made for them and that they would always cherish……you know how it goes…they will take it with them when we finally agree to them getting married and abandoning me….
So yeah anyways…DD17 chose colours to complement her bedroom….and here it is…


Dd 14 wanted something happier , more vintage….


and dd 12 didn’t know what she wanted so I started working on a granny squares blanket and she liked it so it will be hers once I put it together….


And baby…well she doesn’t know what she wants yet so I’m looking around for ideas.

Salaams y hasta la vista,


8 thoughts on “on crochet , blankets and WIP…”

  1. mashallah so nice to see you blogging again….you were very much missed!
    I’m loving the blankets they all look so nice…really love the second one mashallah….looking forward to reading some more!

    1. thank you layla but really my blankets are so easy compared to your doily creations…the thing is the only way for me is following tutorials online and there are none to match my ability ….oh and I can’t read patterns to save my life 😦 so…maybe one day…i’ll come round to yours and you can teach me how to crochet what I call ‘FINE CROCHETING’…that would be a dream of mine come true…mash’Allah insh’Allah

  2. they look really nice,didnt know you do it that well.i love the first one masha allah.the last one seems the hardest,would love to crochet but have now idea where to start from!?

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