Motherhood v wifehood…

The following is a post I drafted on the 21st of January…I did not finish it ( the story of my life…I don’t do closure…I procrastinate….I have too much going on all at once…)  and I’m not going to now. But I guess you will want to know, once you have read it, if any progress was made….Well, that is for another post 🙂

Wifehood?!!!! Is that even a word?!! Who cares…

I’m a crap wife and I know it….but it’s ok cause things are going to change around here…have to change or I’ll end up ruining my marriage and losing a lovely man…yes my husband is a lovely man …I don’t deserve him…..and all that…..

The following is an extract from ‘Second honeymoon’ by Joanna Trollope.
….’Well, just think for a moment about how I feel. I didn’t marry you in order to have Matt and Rosa and Ben, though I’m thankful we did. I married you because I wanted to be with you, because you somehow make things shine for me, even when you’re horrible. You want Ben back. Well, you’ll have to deal with that as best you can. And while you’re dealing with it, I’ll give you something else to think about, something that isn’t going to go away, Edie- I want you back. I was here before the children and I’m here now.’ He put his cup down with finality. ‘And I’m not going away.’

So I was reading that last night and I honestly thought that Joanna had me in mind when she wrote that…yeah right…but you get what I mean…

As much as it pains me to write it or admit it, my lovely girls will one day grow and leave the nest …and then what? Exactly…

So the plan is….to work on my marriage to take it to the next level…from good to ‘EVEN BETTER’…to invest time and effort on it…to put my husband first…and you know what? I’m writing this and thinking that I’ve already started it…cause after all acknowledging that there is a problem is part of the solution isn’t it?

The first stages of the plan are simple…


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