Wishing you all….

a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Kidding…well not really…I’m sure I’ve said it here before…September , at ours, feels pretty much like the start of a new year…it might have something to do with the fact that I’m a teacher and having to go back to work after quite a long break (not long enough I can assure you) or simply that three of our girls are still in full-time education…but one way or another September is the begining of another chapter and I simply wanted to acknowledge it…

And now that September is over and the girls and I have been in school for just under a month things seem to be starting to fall into some sort of a routine…still pretty chaotic but the kind of chaos that is organized if only to us…I would dread to think what someone looking from the outside thinks of our mad schedule …but we are quite content and that should count for something right?

This past September has been like no other…Dd 16 has started her A levels at a new 6th Form. She is taking Biology, Chemistry, English and Spanish. Dd 14 and dd11 have started a new secondary school faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from home and in a completely different direction from the big sister’s school…so we now have to leave home at 7:10 in the morning..drop baby (16 months can you believe it!!!) at childminders (golly that sounds so grand…a family friend really…), straight to first bus stop drop for secondary girls and then onto second bus stop for sixth former and then drive myself to work…the only plus…that I’m at work almost an hour too early with allows me plenty of marking and preparation time which I would normally have to do after work or even at home…Oh but did I tell you that I’m teaching year 3 again? They are adorable…most of the time…

Ok, enough is enough …I won’t bore you no more with my ‘no news’ and I’ll give it to you in a shorter version aka bulletpoints…and in no particular order…

  • I’m working on a new crochet blanket…funky and very very colourful…
  • Only two more weeks and I’ll be off for three weeks…Hajj Holidays… only writing about it brings the biggest smile to my face….
  • Finding a private quran teacher for teeanagers is very very hard…Alhamdulilah I found one for the three girls…but only after days and days of actively seeking…they start next Thursday night and they’ll have lessons twice a week..Thursdays and Sundays…
  • I refuse to put the heating on this early in the Autumn…come on…it’s only October…English weather sucks sometimes…
  • We had peking duck tonight…It has become quite a classic at ours…
  • I don’t know why I’m writing this rubbish …I guess is for posterity…
  • I’m thinking… I should add some of my summer pics to brighten up the post but I don’t know where the camera is…of course I haven’t organized the photos yet…this is me we are talking about…
  • Many of my friends are pregnant…there is something in the water…congratulations… and you with the twins…hurry up and announce it cause is killing me keeping it quiet…

Enough ….I’m going to stop here and wish you all again a happy new (academic) year…How was your back to school mission? Are you into some sort of a routine yet?

Salaams y hasta la vista,



3 thoughts on “Wishing you all….”

  1. mashallah nice to see you back in the land of blogging…you were missed very much!
    nice to hear that life has been good mashalah…though sounds like you are busy on your feet alot now.
    please do post up pictures of your latest crafting project…I have a few on at the same go.
    I unlike you would love to be able to put the heating on…it’s October but still feels like we are in june….the life of a Brit in Africa…I miss the cold damp rainy British weather 😦

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