N is for…

the night before…the night before a girly meetup
Preparing for tomorrow’s get together…just a few friends for a cuppa and a catch up afternoon…I anticipate lots of laughter, proud girls receiving plenty of compliments for their delish cakes, some tears (yeah all is possible at mine’s..trust me), some impromptu a capella songs from our past and a lot of cringing teenagers… 😉 and who is bothered….

party glasses ready ….
teacups and cake plates polished too…
the crew…working in pairs…well not the little one…
first batch out…yum yum…

Are you into using teenagers to do all your baking? My first time and I think I’m loving it already…the downside is that I have now a sitting room full of teenagers watching films, eating popcorn and all the usual sleepover stuff…so tomorrow will start with a double dose of tidying up …never mind…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



6 thoughts on “N is for…”

  1. you are a darrrrrrrrrrling sarah…but today is cleaning day sweetheart 😉 still you might get to have a little bit of fun and lots of cringing……I’m so getting your mum on to the dance floor …xxxx

    1. on the baking front… I would not have made them any better myself even with the help of a pro…absolutely marvellous mash’Allah…we had lemon muffins, carrot cake, scones with clotted cream and blueberry jam, millionaire’s shortbread, riccota walnut cake,vanilla cupcakes with royal icing…all delicious and effortless from my part… 🙂
      I was so busy chatting I forgot to take pics of the spread…:(

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