L is for……

last few lines…..at long last ….I’m on the home run….

Let me explain…remember this?

Well….as I said only a few more lines….3 to be exact and I will then be the proud creator of my first crocheted bed throw/blanket/quilt or whatever it is called….Wanna see it? Ok ….

btw it’s folded so it’s even bigger…can’t wait to see it on my dd16 bed…

I’m already thinking of my next crochet project…I’m going to teach myself to crochet granny squares with the help of youtube tutorials…Watch this space 😉

Salaams y hasta la vista,



13 thoughts on “L is for……”

  1. mashallah love your blogs new look…..very pretty!
    two I love the blanket…..can’t wait to see what you try next.
    I love crocheting, I’m really enjoying making a colourful granny square blanket…..already made one for my baby brother,now I’ve started one for my little sister!

  2. what kind of granny square blanket are you wanting to do?
    are you wanting to make a blanket with loads of small patterned squares or a more traditional one ( meaning a big plain one) like the one I made?
    either way it’s all very easy.

    1. Lots of individual squares …medium sized and then put them together for a king size blanket…insh’Allah

  3. can you read a crochet pattern, if you can then you should try ravelry!
    If not then there are plenty of things on you tube I’m sure.
    there are also loads of really good books you could get…..we have one called 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton, mashallah it’s really good you should try and get it!

    1. no no no…nothing like that sis…i just disconnected all together…too much happening in the real life to take care of fb… 🙂

      1. Phew! I was totally all “she doesn’t like me anymore!”! 🙂 I get it. Glad I “re-found” your blog. Nice to keep up with you.

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