K is for…

knowledge. I am now going to share information on my self that you should all Know…Or to make a very loooong story short…I’ve been tagged by Sarah so here we go…

Do you have a middle name?

Yes, Maria but only my parents call me Ines Maria.

Whats your favorite subject at school?

I love teaching History the best.

Whats your favorite drink?

Pepsi Max

Favorite song at the moment?

Not much into music but can’t help liking any song by Adele

Favorite book?

Where to start …where to stop…mmmm…can’t decide…too many…not answering this one…

Favorite colour?


Favorite animal? 

Not a big fan…sorry…

Favorite perfume?

Carmen by Victory y Luchino….the smell of my mother…

Have you graduated high school?

I guess the equivalent in Spain….I’ve got an English degree so yeah…what is high school anyways!!

Have you ever been out of the country?

Yes…many time…but I don’t like travelling any more…I’m more of a staycationer…


Do you speak any other languages?

Spanish, French,Basque, English and Sarcasm of course…

Do you have any siblings?

Two older brothers and an older sister.

Whats your favorite store?

John Lewis and Home Sense


Favorite restaurant?

The Lebanese at Westfields food court…sorry can’t remember the name…not a proper restaurant but like their good quality fresh selection…

Do you like school?

Yes , for the most part…I like teaching but not the bit after the kids go home… you know the paperwork…bleugh…

Favorite youtubers?

Pass…I tried getting info to answer this one from my daughters but no comprendo…

Favorite movie?

Too many…ok one I enjoyed lately…The help…one I’m looking forward to ‘The descendents’.

Favorite T.V show?

Downton Abbey

P.C or mac?


What phone do you have?

Blackberry of course…intellectual…

How tall are you?


Salaams y hasta la vista,




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