C is for…..

crochet….I still love love love love absolutely love crochet….


So many other crochet projectsI want to have a go at but too scared to attempt right now…at least not until I’m done with this blanket…I want to prove dd16 wrong…She tells me at last thrice a week that I don’t do commitment….She might have a point but I think that she does not fully understand the whole concept of WIP…it’s a creative mind’s thing you see….:)

C is for ciao…

Salaams y hasta la vista,


10 thoughts on “C is for…..”

  1. thanks layla…and thanks for stopping by…do i know you? no info on your ‘about’…lol…love your stuff too mash’Allah

    1. oh mash’Allah…salaams sis…welcome to my madness …give your mama a big fat wet dribbly kiss from me…lol…

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