B is for….

Blood….blood tests …dd13 is having blood taken out for the first time tomorrow…she is ‘scared’ and worried that she will starve as she is having the ‘fasting tests’….

Baby is walking…so cute…such tiny thing, just ten months and walking…mash’Allah


Baking…baking …and more baking…both dd13 and dd11 love baking and I love what they bake

Barcelona…The first city dh and I discovered together as a newly wed couple…


Better go to bed now…work tomorrow…..


Salaams y hasta la vista,



3 thoughts on “B is for….”

  1. the youngest (well second youngest is 11) wow!!! time truly flies subhanAllah.. I was just talking about you all the other day, when we went to Sno-Zone in Milton Kenyes 😀 loved it!!

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