Random …very random pics

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just because I can and because i want to……You see the comic book? It’s actually an adaptation of a classic…can you guess which?

A while back my daughters had their friends round for a sleepover and as mandatory they had a midnight feast followed by a big mess to be tidied up the following morning afternoon. But to my surprise amongst the rubbish underneath the sea of cushions, blankets and dirty clothing I discovered a very peculiar book. It was actually a comic , a brilliant adaptation of an English classic. I was ever so impressed by my daughter’s friend’s choice of reading material…..

You see the ‘Moving Monster’?  In D&T we have been creating moving monsters. The monsters move thanks to a pneumatic system. Can you see the two syringes hidden inside and behind? Quite impressive creations and they all had fun…

You see the quilt? That’s the one I want for my bed…only another three to go before I can start on mine…but I don’t mind cause practice makes better…

Two more sleeps and dh will be home with us again…insh’Allah…can’t wait…

Salaams y hasta la vista,






4 thoughts on “Random …very random pics”

  1. yes mashallah the quilt is very nice….. I’ve always wanted to try quilting and even put it on last years to-do list but never got round to it!
    and i do believe that the first picture is from a scene in you’ve got mail….my favorite film of all times!!!
    salam layla

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