On reading, books and technology…

I’m quite an avid reader and so are my girls. My husband , that is another story…
My love for reading, books and getting lost in fantastic magical places, meeting interesting people and so on,  began at a very early age.
My first memories of reading go all the way back to playschool..I can still picture the books the nuns used to teach me to read.As soon as I cracked the first few words I knew reading was for me. I was going to be good at reading and I was going to do a lot of it.
Many afternoons, as soon as the bell went at the end of the school day, I would take myself to the library and borrow as many books as I was allowed.They never seemed enough. How could they make me wait another week before I could take out more…

When I had my first daughter I read to her from the word go…Those long nights of feeding, burping  and never-ending crying were made more bearable because I would hold a book in my hands and baby in the other arm. Many a times I would read out loud and it seemed to do the trick. Other times I would choose a book more appropriate to her age group. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t mind as long as it was well read.

That baby is now a young lady of 16 and she still reads with the same passion her mother read to her. It seems I was able to instill in her the love of reading.

Fast forward 16 years and I’m doing pretty much the same with baby number four and she seems as keen on books as her three older sisters. The only difference is that the technology has advanced and she likes her online stories as well as her hardbacks. Her favourite is ‘We are going on a bear hunt’. When I’m at the pc she will pester me until I put it on for her…

I must have read the book to her at least 200 times but she never seems to tire. I still remember her sisters’ favourites as if it was only yesterday. Dd16 loved ‘The tiger who came to tea’, dd13 could not have enough of ‘The hungry caterpillar’ and dd11 was crazy about ‘The ugly duckling’.

I’m a strong believer in starting them early. In fact I don’t think there’s such a thing as too early…

What about you? What are your earliest memories of reading? What are your children’s favourites?  I’m going round second hand shops looking for all the classics for the little one’s library. Which books do you consider a must for a child’s collection?

Salaams y hasta la vista,



4 thoughts on “On reading, books and technology…”

  1. Oh I love to read and so hope my kids will be in the habit too! I remember being read Hansel and Gretel and a bunch of other fairy tales by my mum and the very hungry caterpillar at nursery school. I remember it so well. They used to blow up a balloon and use that to depict the caterpillar! I just had to get my own copy for my kids as soon as I could! I can’t remember the name of the book, but my kids loved the one with the little nut brown hare and his dad. The one with “I love you to the moon…. and back!” Read it? Little one will probably love it!

  2. We’re all really avid readers in our house… I’ve always made a point of reading to them when they were small and always had books around the house.
    I love anything by Shirley Hughes.. I covet her illustrations, mostly because they look like the chaotic scenes in my own home at time.. also the Janet & Allan Ahlberg also created some really special books. For older kids, the Anne of Avonlea books are a good series, The What Katie did books.. Little Women… the classics I read when I was a girl.
    My younger kids have spent the winter reading a series of unfortunate events… and aslo… The Little House on The Prairie books are good… shall I stop.. lol

  3. no don’t stop but you are a bit toooo classic for us….my eldest read all by enyd blyton but i could not persuade the other two..they were more roald dahly…

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