Goverment tells us…

to staycate this summer and enjoy everything that London has to offer us…Not only are the Olympics being held in London but also the Queen’s Jubilee and The London Festival are to be added to the bag of fun things to do in what I call my city.
And my response to the Government is…”I’m only staying put because is Ramadan and there is no place like home during Ramadan. Otherwise I would be flying out of here without giving it a second thought.”

I could write a whole rant about why I’m opposing the games but I will spare you the torture.I could also rant about the whole not shaking hands with other athletes business… Haven’t you heard? Well, believe it or not the health department is strongly advising team GB not to shake hands with sportspeople arriving from other countries in case they catch a bug which could affect their performance…pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase…I know STUPID…but what can I say? I’m almost speechless…Politicians should stick their noses elsewhere and let us do what we feel is best for us. Whatever next…

Anyways, I’m not one to rant here or share imperfections with you. I’m almost a yummy mummy as far as you are concerned right? LOL…well let me tell you that I’m not and to prove it…

Remember me showing off to you about my first breadmaking machine and how I was making a wonderful brioche blah blah blah…well it was a disaster. I nearly burnt the house down, the smoke got everywhere. As you can see there was too much dough and it spilled out and down the sides of the bread container and it burnt….BUT…believe it or not the brioche was edible and very yummy…only the bit that did not sit in the container was wasted, the rest was very nice indeed. The whole brioche disappeared in the blink of an eye…smothered in nutella of course 🙂

Next to come out of the bread machine…an ordinary wholemeal loaf…let’s hope is plain sailing.

Salaams y hasta la vista,



One thought on “Goverment tells us…”

  1. looks jolly, jolly to me… I don’t bother to cook my bread IN the machine.. I don’t like the shape but it makes dough making alot easier… Can’t wait to see your next creation inshallah

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