Thrifting 3…

and this babe here is our latest acquisition….


I’ve wanted one for quite a while and as soon as I saw it in the British Heart Foundation charity shop I had to have it. I paid only £20 for it and as you can see it is in very good condition, not a scrach or dent. The instructions or recipe books didn’t come with it but thanks to the wonderful mr google I have downloaded both and put both to good use too. The machine is hard at work while I’m busy elsewhere 🙂

First thing to come out of it, insh’Allah….a brioche…will tell you all about it in the very near future.

Next on the thrifting wish list…a yogurt maker, ice cream maker and a dutch oven.

I must admit that to begin with I was a bit sceptical about buying electrical goods from second hand shops but as the guy in the shop assured me all goods are tested and come with 6 months warranty. So, I can’t see why not. As long as they look clean and well looked after I’m willing to give them a go.

Salaams y hasta la vista,



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