Already the 3rd day in March….

and I’m not done with the February list. But I’m ok with that because I’m 40 and I don’t do unnecessary pressure that leads on to even more unnecessary stress. Oh no …now that I’m 40 and loving it I give myself lists and see where they take me…Simple. 40 is sooo the right place to be. Bring on 50!!! LOL
Before I go on to what’s going on in my wonderful life right now let me share with you what I DID achieve…the many ticks off…

On the culinary front…

lovely crispy peking duck



 So still pending…pesto, cannelloni and brazo gitano.On the exercise front..rien de rien …but I’m ok with that…I’m joining the aquarobics class tomorrow night…no sweat, no pain and all the gain I hope…

On the crafts arena…I’m still loving quilting and I’m almost finished my first quilt but I will not be revealing the pics till I’m all done.

All in all quite a few new things attempted last month and I enjoyed the challenge and I guess that is the important bit, the taking part as they say.

March is already looking very busy so I’m not going to write down any lists but try completing the February list and perhaps have a go at making my very first risotto. Oh and I’ve promised dd16 and dd11 new cushions to go with the new quilt.But primarily any spare time I get after work and the weekends will be spent doing something I really love ….GARDENING!!!!

I got the first packs of seeds this morning so indoor sowing here we come…

Salaams y hasta la vista,



3 thoughts on “Already the 3rd day in March….”

  1. It looks easy enough but when you are used to making the rice in the ricecooker…i don’t even make paella anymore 😦

  2. empowerment at 40….. I love it!!!!
    I really applaud you for doing things outside your comfort zone and pushing the boundaries…
    Trying new things is one of the keys to keeping life interesting… and it looks like you’re having loads of fun with it…
    can’t wait to see the quilt BTW…..

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