Thrifting and how I go about it…

Today is Saturday and just like last Saturday and the one before I feel like thrifting….I have been doing it for a while now and it brings so much pleasure into my life.
I’m not a thrift savvy by any stretch of the imagination but I’m getting there… Not even sure what thrifting really is…I know is all about getting good deals out there..somehow is linked to frugality, green matters, recycling and saving the planet and now that I have become 40 (here she goes again I hear you saying…) I’m thinking more and more about the EARTH….

As a family we have been taking steps to save the planet and our pockets but I feel that there is more I need to do or can do. I’m not thinking of making my own soap and only using cloth nappies for my baby (I wouldn’t even contemplate it bleugh…) or anything so extreme. I’m talking about simple things like taking my own bags to the supermarket, menu planning which saves me time, money and more importantly some precious brain cells…and Thrifting of course.

So as I was saying….weekend is here and I’m off to a very secret London location which is the final destination for any decent thrifter. I’m talking 6 charity shops on the same side of the road one after the other…and as the area is quite afluent the stuff is mainly good quality .I’m taking with me ‘the list’ which sits on the kitchen wall ….and on the list are the following items: patchwork vintage/old quilts, bone china teacups in green and a pretty cake stand. I might get none of them today but there’ll be other ‘finds’ for sure.

Last week I went out with ramekins in mind for the creme brulee that I was going to cook that afternoon and guess what I found?…6 good quality and pretty ramekins for £2!! So let’s see what today brings…

No pictures today…maybe later when I come back with my arms full of thrifted goodies 😉

Salaams y hasta la vista,




4 thoughts on “Thrifting and how I go about it…”

  1. I want to see pics!!! And oh please share this secret place. I haven’t been to London in 4 years! But when I do in sha Allah in sha Allah in sha Allah some time this year, I want to check this place out. NW London?

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