Another tick….

Remember my February bucket list? Not many things ticked off but getting there. I have already shared with you all my achievement on the crafting front…and now let me show you what I have ticked off on the cooking front….actually I wanted to share the pic of the roast leg of lamb but wordpress is not cooperating…it’s saying that my file can not be uploaded for security reasons… are gonna have to trust me on this…it was marvelous and my dear friend Noorah loved it too 🙂

Let’s see if I’m luckier with the creme brulee pics… 1 2 3 …

A little bit on the burnt side but hey…still a tick ..two actually , one for the roast leg of lamb and one for the creme brulee…so  
I’m sitting here thinking of all the other dishes I have to cook by the end of the month and  I’m wordering whether perhaps I was over ambitious…no way I’m gonna manage it in 10 days…well I can only try my best and see what happens.
Back to work tomorrow , no more holidays till Easter…6 more weeks…it’s ok…time will fly and then I’ll have two weeks at home to do what I do best…chillaxing, taking it reeeeeeeeeeeeal slow…
Salaams y hasta la vista,
P.S I have almost finished the front of my quilt ..wanna see it…ok ok here it comes 🙂

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