Spanish get together with a twist….

Every six weeks or so , I invite my spanish friends living here in London and we get together at mine’s for a laugh…Yes laughter is always garanteed…no matter what we are all going through in our lives, be it illnesses, a miscarriage, financial difficulties, difficult teenagers or even marital problems we always manage to cheer ourselves up with a good dose of laughter.

Maybe it is the fact that we switch off for a couple of hours as if we have made some sort of secret pact to leave our worries at the door that allows us to have such a cheerful uplifting time together.

Don’t take me wrong , we are there for one another when things are not going too well too. Lady X might ring lady Z for help/advice/just to talk to someone who understands….Lady A might get together with Lady B for a cup and a chat during the week…Lady W might just turn up at Lady V’s house because she needs a break from her shitty day….

We don’t all necessarily  know of everyone elses problems and hardships but we all know that everyone in the group has at least one person to turn to…we all have someone whom to offload to…isn’t it funny that even though we are a large close-knit group we also have subdivisions that don’t make us weak but rather the opposite.?..It is very comforting knowing that no matter what, we are there for one another. Thank you God for good friends that are there for me in good and bad times.

Anyways as I was saying, lol, talk about digressing…today was a get together with a difference…when I sent out the invites I didn’t tell them to bring a dish of their choice but I was very specific…I asked for an omelette…yeah an omelette each….so we had a fun time tasting each other’s omelette…so many delicious omelettes to choose from….

Good food, good company, plenty of laughter …what else could a lady want? Flowers? Muffins? …We got plenty of those too…
Salaams y hasta la vista,
P.S I have sent out the invites to the next get together…Italian day …I’ll be making tiramisu…

7 thoughts on “Spanish get together with a twist….”

  1. salteado de gambas darling…..and do not forget EVER that I’m basque …your grandmother is Spanish…get your family tree right….:)

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