Monday morning…..

aaaaaaaaah what a feeling….
Monday morning and I’m not screaming the place down. Monday morning and I’m not doing twenty two things at the same time in an attempt to get out of the house by 7:40…
Monday morning and the house is quiet…oh what a feeling…only baby and me downstairs and she is so busy watching the washing machine go round and round and round, allowing me some precious writing minutes…teenagers and teenage wannabe in bed and only God knows at what time they’ll make an appearance…but I don’t care because I’m enjoying the Monday morning peace and quiet…and you know what? I don’t for one minute wish every Monday was like this one…I don’t even wish I didn’t have to go to work early every day and you want to know why? Because if that was the case then I would not enjoy this Monday morning sooooooo much.

I have a ‘to do list’ as long as my arm but I’m ok with that ….I have some very boring phone calls to make but I’m ok with that…I have a house to clean but I’m ok with that too…and you want to know why? Because is  QUILTING NIGHT!!!

I’ve got to show you the pictures …I’ve made quite a lot of progress in just a couple of weeks…quilting is definately the new love in my life.

I love holidays but I love Monday nights even better…And the rest of the week…well I am planning to do lots of crafting, getting together with the people that mean a lot to me and whatever else comes my way I’m going to embrace it…yes yes yes…that’s the new me…40 and loving it and taking things as they come…but that’s another blog post for another day… 🙂

And now to get on with the rest of the day…Washing needs taking out …baby needs some attention…then out to the post office…

I would love to share some pictures here but the quilting pictures and all the rest are in the teenager’s camera and she is not available for at least another four hours and I’m ok with that…It’s her idea of a good holiday and I respect that…I told you I’m a changed woman…40 is definately the place to be…any more laid back and I’d be horizontal 🙂

So for now…

Salaam y hasta la vista





Not bad for a beginner , even if I say so myself…

4 thoughts on “Monday morning…..”

  1. QUILTING! My beloved Ines is QUILTING! I am unspeakably proud of you… it looks so beautiful… and even better than that… you sound like you’re thoroughly enjoying it…. I love, love LOVE it.


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